Vacation from a Vacation


The Chinese New Year vacation has officially ended on this side of the world. Like many people, I took the chance to travel and relax…or supposedly. Took a trip that gave me many new memories and laughable moments. Photographed amazing views and put on hundreds of kilometers on my vehicle. All is well in general, despite some incidents and conflicts on the road. This week passed by like a blink of an eye, ending with an under rested mind needing more relaxation from this eventful vacation.  As my friend said, I feel I need a vacation from my vacation.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Project Carbonara

Decided to give myself small projects to focus on. Been craving for pasta and  western food for a long time, but have always been too lazy to cook. After scouting my parents’ Taiwanese fridge for the 3rd time this afternoon, I grabbed my keys and headed out for grocery. Before grocery, I went on the website of my favorite chef, Jamie Oliver, for an idea of the ingredients I need to make the cream from scratch. As I thought, I wasn’t able to find all that I need at the store. After all, this is Taiwan. Carrefour or not, it would still be a big surprise of the day if I had found zucchini, heavy cream, turkey bacon or 5 different kinds of cream sauce for my pasta. And this is what I really miss about the west. All the greasy food I love!

Yet, that didn’t stop me from creating a self-satisfying meal. With limited budget and resources, I decided to get a jared sauce at the end. Well, I was happy after putting some bacon and cheese in my stomach. Had to use the Asian style black pepper because that was the only kind of black pepper in my parents’ kitchen. Overall, this is not my best effort, but still a good start to actually “try” to make a good dish. Next time, I’ll get everything ready and see if I can make the cream from scratch. It’s always motivating to have a project to occupy my mind. My baby steps to managing a country B&B: one step at a time.

What should my next project be? Gardening? Knitting? Pottery? Am I sounding a bit stereotyped? ;p