Wake Up Call

Had a wake up call moment last night. A sudden revelation of how I unconsciously repeat the same old pattern when it comes to people.  It felt like a thunder shot through my brain and enabled alerts to every fiber of my nerve. Complex emotions tumbled inside while I asked myself why I tend to choose similar roads that eventually lead to destruction. Frustrated, yet relieved to see things more clearly, I turned to my true love – country travels. Despite what feels like never-ending gloominess in my “real life,” my effort to put together a country tour package is gradually forming. There are positive news and little accomplishment every day that brings me closer to the finish line. And that is what keeps me going and motivated.

This time, I decide to listen to my intuition and continue to march forward. After all, true happiness comes from within. It is ok to smell the roses at times, but we should not to get distracted or carried away by their aroma and forget to be aware of their thorns.  Stay focused and happy!