Encounter of the Heart

Have you ever wanted something to happen but it’s not something you can control? So you either forget about it or just hope that some day, when all the stars are aligned, it’d happen? j/k

I have been feeling extremely exhausted for the past two days that I almost wanted to skip my weekly workout yesterday. Eventually, my vanity took over. So I still dragged myself out, reminding myself of my goal to tighten up my thighs. It was a good crowd this time, and the workout has been effective as usual. I was glad that I decided to come out and sweat. Towards the end of the session, an acquaintance passed by and stopped to join our seemingly spontaneous street exercise.  It took me a few seconds to recognize him. However, it was someone I’ve been hoping to run into again since our first encounter about 1.5 months ago. 

After the workout, we caught up with each other through great conversations. Some call this coincidence, and some praise God. I have never been religious, but I do feel in awe a lot of times when things simply happen when I least expect. Maybe it’s like what they say, when one focuses on doing what he/she loves doing, the rest will follow. I’ve encountered several occasions so far where certain events trigger the meeting of certain people who bring the resources I need at a time most needed.

It is true that life can only be understood backwards. All the coordinate form after we’ve passed those points. And the only thing we can do at the present is to keep heading that big direction of our goals. Along the way, life will gradually start to make sense with every step we take.