I’ve always struggled with Expectations, from others and myself. And I struggle to decide whether Expectations should be something important in life. There are quotes saying “No expectations, no disappointments.” There are also those that goes like this:

It seems obvious and logical that if one holds no expectation from his/herself, he/she is unlikely to be successful. After browsing more about Expectations, it seems the point is where it is placed and how we manage it. It is quite frustrating when I find myself forming expectations on people or events that already had a vicious pattern of failure in my history. Am I insane, so that I expect different results from similar experiences? Or am I addicted to what seems unreachable but exciting, even if I know I’m likely to get badly hurt? Wild expectations, wild disappointments? 

For some time, I lead a lifestyle of “No or Low Expectations.” And I found it to be quite un-motivating.  However, it did save me a lot of heartaches. Growing up with the value to fulfill expectations, it has become part of my gene to hope that my hard work will always pay off. The idea of giving without any expectation of reward has always been something I’d love to experience. I wonder if there’s a customized program that I install in my brain, so this expectation thing only merges on the purpose of pushing myself forward. But is it really possible to be expectation-free? What kind of society would that be?

2 comments on “Expectations

  1. Um, I think developing what is a healthy level of expectations for yourself can definitely increase the quality and meaning of your life. I too struggle with the balance. Of either setting “unreachable” expectations for myself or giving up completely to avoid the pain of failure.. It’s tough, and that’s why my therapist rakes in the big bucks!

    • Thank you for your feedback. It is definitely a lifelong lesson to find a “balance” between pretty much everything. Maybe that’s why many religions and philosophies preach the mindset of being content. When one can truly do that, nothing can shake him/her.

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