Heart Warmer

We are all familiar with leg warmers. But do you have a “heart warmer?” Found my farewell gift from previous employment and it certainly warmed up my heart 2 years later. Though I hated that job, and so as many of my coworkers, it was still a period of my life where it was full of achievement and fulfillment. I gained my MBA during that time and through the benefit of the company. I was able to end the shared house lifestyle and afford the first ever apartment all for myself. It was an opportunity of my dream for some time…at least before things turned sour. Even now, 2 years after leaving the job for almost 4 years, I can still remember the routines that went on in the office. Despite the dramas to put up with, I miss everyone I worked with. It was hard to appreciate each other’s hard work when a regular day often felt like going through a never-ending tunnel.

When it was my time for farewell, I didn’t want any big announcement. Though I acted as if I was thrilled to end my misery, I was struggling in my heart not to drop a tear and to hold back my worries about my future. It took me one year to make up my mind to leave. And I must admit that it came with 50/50 regret and relief. I’m glad the regretting part of this decision has gradually faded. It has been replaced by a sensation of freedom and confidence that I can now start building my dream upon the skills I’ve learned from that experience. How wasteful of time to miss what’s passed? Yet, what a chapter in my memoir! Well, at least I’ve regained my vision on the direction I should march towards. As my wise coworker wrote, “Face life straight in the eyes and push forward!”

Everyone and every life experience, is here to teach us something. Marching on with lots of smiles~

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