Being Productive

Been thinking about putting down my schedule on a spreadsheet as I felt like I’ve been running around for very little productivity. With my constant schedule change, it’s difficult to keep up with everything. Sat down this afternoon, jotted down a To-Do list and started checking off the items. It’s a much clearer view of what a week looks like in my life when I put it on paper. Embarrassing thing is, I’ve been teaching goal setting and time management to my students lately and I haven’t been the best example. Have you ever felt that you don’t have enough time, or are not making progress on achieving your goal because you are not there yet? Besides my weekly planner, I also spent some time going over my financial details since my return home the last year. Before I visualized the numbers, I always thought I’m about to go bankrupt because I’m not saving up to my goal due to constant employment changes. Though the numbers are not pleasing yet, it does show a gradual climb. With a new contract in hand, I’m expecting a more steady earning for the next year.

Ever since I made up my mind on heading towards my country dream, many ideas and doubts came up. Patting on my back that I’m still emotionally enthusiastic about my plan and taking small steps every day towards it. My new challenge is to define daily goals to achieve. Throughout my experience, big pictures are easy to form. However, not being able to figure out what to do every day to get there has always been my weakness. Another important activity is to maintain a progress report or a checklist. What I learned today is that progress is hard to notice as small steps are oftentimes neglected during the journey. Don’t forget to take some time to look at what you’ve come to so far in order to appreciate the effort being put in. Think of it as a weight loss report. Set realistic goals and stay nice and steady on taking all the necessary actions every day. Then celebrate the little progress every other month or so.

Like what I told one of my teenage students who’s struggling to save money, “save $20 every day and you’ll reach your target in 4 months!” His face lit up when I broke down the steps to reach his goal. I guess he never thought it could be that easy. But hey, this is how we live life. One day at a time.

2 comments on “Being Productive

  1. Interesting blog, I get good vibes from it…now following. I love the Thomas Kinkade backdrop!

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