Lost and Found

Found something from my cabinet today that brought me back in time. An assignment for my high school history class on Titanic! Not to directly reveal my age, haha, let’s just say the movie just came out during that year. Like many girls, I was crazy about the story and everything Titanic. One thing you must know about Taiwanese education is that there was no paper writing assignment at school, at least during my time. All we had were endless exams. So when my history teacher asked us to write a paper about a historical event of our choice, my brain could not stop popping out ideas on how I would construct my first and ever portfolio. Note that history was my least favorite subject and I always failed it. For me, history is just a bunch of ancient dramas people put out in the past. And I had no interest in memorizing all the where, when and who. It was just not a subject I learned to master. Yet when I found this portfolio I put together back in the .com era, I couldn’t stop smiling at my first masterpiece.

This find got me thinking: if I could put so much effort to create something only to share my passion regardless of the result it would bring, I can do anything. I remember sitting at the computer in dial-up connection for hours each day for at least a week, researching and translating the information I found online and on the newspaper. There was nothing else I wanted to do but to work on this project and share the mind blowing behind-the-scene stories of Titanic. As you can see, I received a high score. In fact, I received the highest score for this assignment. My teacher commented that my report was an interesting and fulfilling read, and that she really appreciated my going above and beyond in completing this assignment. 

Maybe the universe is telling me something by leading me to this old school project at this time of my life when I struggle to believe in my dream. The energy and motivation I had while working on this assignment all came back to me when I re-visit this childhood production of mine. This project was not built for fortune, reputation or a higher rank in class. The score did not even count towards my history class. Nevertheless, it was a story I loved and an activity I enjoyed. It almost felt like being in love, in love with the process of sharing my passion and constructing a vision.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

This is a story I found on China Times some Sunday. When I saw the boy, I was immediately captured by his disappointed, helpless and hopeless look. Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart was filled with sorrow. So, I decided to share this in my portfolio. I hope everyone in the world will contribute a little of what they have to save our less fortunate human fellows from their sufferings. May all citizens on Earth would one day live a happy, peaceful and abundant life.

Kid suffering in Rwanda
Compared to the less fortunate, I’m blessed with more than I need.
I included this column at the end of my portfolio because I was deeply drawn to the helplessness in his eyes. How can I complain when someone is out there fighting for their lives?

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