There Shall be a Way, If There is a Will.

This is so far the real-life cottage most similar to the cottage of my dream. Browsing photos of country scenes and cottages never fails to calm me down. As I proceed with the development of country tour packages, many regulatory concerns are brought up. And the practical sides of business have been the excuses I backed down from many other opportunities before.  It just seems to me that building a small business should not be that difficult. After all, isn’t that how blogging started? j/k

Through chatting with friends, I discovered an unpleasant revelation. My passion towards life was somehow lost during my “soul searching” journeys. Nothing could excite me or interest me anymore. Traveling became part of the routine, too. I picked up some ideas here and there, and taught myself some technical skills like creating a simple logo and building a website on CMS. The learning process was fun and frustrating at the same time. Hence, I have not been able to carry out anything I started before. And that’s all because I wasn’t that into those ideas. 

With the shocking realization that I might be stuck where I am for the rest of my life, I started  browsing photos of the beautiful nature to generate some peace of mind. And that was when the longings for a country lifestyle in a cottage started to become clear. With a sense of self discipline to not quit half way this time, I examine my heart’s desire every day with the reminder in the title.

Everything we see now used to just be a thought. There shall be a way, if there’s a will.

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