What Does Traveling Mean to You?

When it comes to traveling, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Skyscrapers, exotic food, foreign people, language barrier and cultural shock? I’ve always been curious about why I’m so hooked on traveling. When managing a country cottage B&B became a vision for my future, I started to realize the part about traveling that I love the most is the People. Whether they are random local people on the streets, accommodation hosts, or fellow travelers, meeting people is always the part of the journey that gets embedded in my memory.

Good hosts give warm welcomes and make us feel at home. Adventurous travel companions share their stories and open our minds. Locals show us hidden spots and unknown history of the area. In my opinion, traveling wouldn’t be fun without making a few acquaintances from all over the world. What do you think?

2 comments on “What Does Traveling Mean to You?

  1. Rubella says:

    My favorite part about traveling aside from being in an exotic place is the people and culture too! It’s exciting to learn about different traditions and experience new things. People are just so darn eccentric that no 2 are the same.

    • Indeed, the difference in people is part of what makes traveling so exhilarating. For me, I actually see more and more commonality in people wherever they are from. After all, we are all searching for happiness, whatever shape and form it may be. The uniqueness in individuals and what we all share in common are both important elements that bring us closer in life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Rubella.

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